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Outdoor sports Foldable adult scooter D-MAX with disc brakes D-max 9D

  • Model: Big Wheel Adult’s scooter ONE SECOND quick folding
  • Material: Full Aluminum
  • Wheel: 2x200mm pu wheel
  • Handle Grip: NBR
  • Bearing: ABEC-11 Carbon steel
  • Max wheight: 100kgs
  • Open size: length-89cm
  • Breath: 16cm
  • Height: 95-100-105cm
  • Net weight: 6.66kgs
  • Color: black/orange/white
  • Package: 91.5*34.5*36/2pcs
  • GW/NW: 16.90/16.00KGS
  • HS CODE: 9503001000
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    ico  Product Detail

    1.With the continuous improvement of living standards, fitness, leisure and entertainment has become the pursuit of fashion, various corresponding fitness and entertainment machinery surging. Scooters as the representative of sports equipment by the majority of young people favor .The overall structure of the scooter takes the upper body of the bicycle (front), the lower body takes the skateboard only it has two pulleys. If you can't ride a bike, you can also master the scooter well. We will attach picture analysis to each scooter to teach you how to use and save.

    2.The connecting part is composed of cylinder, connecting plate and shaft sleeve. Place seven bowls in the sleeve to connect the handle so that the handle can rotate in it, thus controlling the direction;twisting waist movement, can achieve significant weight loss effect, leg muscle lines will become beautiful.

    3.Main structure of scooter: rod, handle, front wheel, rear wheel, connecting joint, front and rear axle, pedal brake.

    4.Wheel shaft is an important part of fixed wheel on scooter and is the main force component. The wheel with its axle has a large and small,Small wheels are suitable for extreme sports ,the company mainly respected the big wheel 250 mm,230mm,200mm pu wheel. It is beneficial to keep speed and cross small obstacles, and the seismic resistance is better.

    5.The upper and lower lever are the main parts for supporting handle and adjusting handle height.This product has three height adjustment, bottom hole system, clearance fit, to
    facilitate the rod sliding.This product has two kinds of handlebars: innovative Y handlebars, which are more in line with the human body structure, relieve fatigue, and have an
    excellent cycling experience.Regular T - type handle, simple style, suitable for ladies and children over 10 years old.

    6.Foot brake is the brake part of a scooter, no shorter than the center of the wheel vertical.It is made up of plastic housing brake pads and iron brake pads.This product adds the latest technology in the rear axle disc brake system, fast braking, more stable, safer.

    D-MAX 7 (2)

    D-MAX 7 (2)

    D-MAX 7 (2)

    ico  Design of Scooter

    1.The board is the main body of the scooter, which carries the main weight of the cyclist. equivalent to a seat on a bicycle. The front end of the two car handles, the back end installed with the rear wheel and foot brake. Considering the strength and stiffness requirements of the scooter plate, the scooter can run smoothly under various conditions..

    2.The connecting part is composed of round pipe, connecting plate and shaft sleeve.Put the part into the sleeve to connect the handle, and make the handle rotate in the sleeve to control the direction;

    3.Pedal non-slip sticker: In order to increase the beauty of the product, we offer two kinds of rubber non-slip sticker and ordinary sandblasting sticker for your choice.Rubber anti-slip adhesive tape is durable and easy to clean, keeping the vehicle clean at all times;Ordinary sandblasting anti-slip stickers can be made in a variety of colors, and exquisite patterns.

    4.This product folding system is fully optimized, faster, more convenient, safer and more space-saving.After folding can be carried, can be dragged or carried, convenient and flexible.

    D-MAX 7 (2)

    D-MAX 7 (2)

    ico  Application

    Adults using this product can exercise balance, lower limb strength, vital capacity.At the same time, it can reduce traffic congestion, save time, reduce air pollution, and increase the opportunities for young men and women to communicate.Children using this product can enhance the communication between children and their parents, and better communicate with children of the same age, so as to better adapt to the requirements of society.

    D-MAX 7 (2)

    ico  Advantage

    The rush hour traffic jam has become the mainstream problem for office workers now. As the problem developed, various means of transportation also emerged.
    Scooter in many means of transportation by the majority of users love,
    Monocycle:the danger degree is high, even if can climb hill even off-road, but the road can not control too poor transportation, and have no right of way most, if an accident brings absolute harm to the user almost.
    Bicycle: comfortable and low-key safety generally has the right of way, but fitness, the disadvantage is that can not be carried to take the special circumstances need to consider the parking space, hot days, rainy days travel user experience is not good.
    Electric car, motorcycle: the best user experience sense of commuting is the fastest and the most labor-saving, the disadvantage is the same need to consider the parking space, another point is that the motorcycle needs to get a driver's license, which is not the best choice for some users.
    Scooter: comfort best at any time to promote all kinds of seamless pressure although there is no right of way but controllable ability. The best choice for short commuting, small and very convenient folding carry can also take the subway bus. You can also exercise your hands, shoulders, hips and legs while working out.
    The D-MAX9D is an upgraded version of the D-MAX9. The main structure consists of: T handle + connection head + front fork wheel + bottom plate + rear fork wheel, and a disc brake device is added to the rear fork. Improve the user experience and enjoy the triple brake safety. The appearance is much upscale compared to the D-MAX9, and many young users also like this upgrade.

    D-MAX 7 (2)

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