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Large wheel adult foldable scooter with bearing 100kgs D-MAX230s

  • Model: Big Wheel Adult’s scooter ONE SECOND quick folding
  • Material: Full Aluminum
  • Wheel: Front230MM pu wheel ,REAR 200MM pu wheel with double
  • Handle Grip: NBR
  • Bearing: ABEC-11 Carbon steel
  • Max wheight: 100kgs
  • Open size: length-93cm
  • Breath: 14cm
  • Height: 95.5-100.5-105.5cm
  • Net weight: 6.77kgs
  • Color: black/orange/white
  • Package: 94.5*33.5*40.5/2pcs
  • GW/NW: 15.9/15.0KGS
  • HS CODE: 9503001000
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    ico  Product Detail

    1. In this era of national fitness, there are a variety of fitness and entertainment machinery surging. Scooter as a representative of outdoor sports equipment by the majority of young people's favor.

    As for the overall structure of the scooter, in order to better cater to the ergonomics, the handlebars that support standing and the foot feel comfortable are designed, so that the user will not feel uncomfortable in the process of sliding. If you can't ride a bike, you can also master a scooter very well. We will include a picture analysis on each scooter to teach you how to use and save.

    2. The scooter has the characteristics of fission resistance, deformation resistance, high cold resistance, very wear-resistant, etc., strengthening aluminum alloy bracket and base, not easy to break, the scooter surface can be with bright colors, but also printed with various exquisite patterns. The scooter moves forward by twisting the body reliably. With waist twisting, it can achieve significant slimming effect, and the leg muscles will become beautiful.

    1) The axle is an important part of the scooter to fix the wheel, and it is the main force component. There are big and small wheels with its axle. Small wheels are suitable for playing skillful movements. Our company mainly promotes pu wheels with big wheels: 250mm, 230mm and 200mm. Good for maintaining speed and crossing small obstacles, better shock resistance.

    D-MAX 7 (2)

    D-MAX 7 (2)

    D-MAX 7 (2)

    ico  Design of Scooter

    1.The board is the main body of the scooter, which carries the main weight of the cyclist. equivalent to a seat on a bicycle. The front end of the two car handles, the back end installed with the rear wheel and foot brake. Considering the strength and stiffness requirements of the scooter plate, the scooter can run smoothly under various conditions.

    2.The connecting part is composed of round pipe, connecting plate and shaft sleeve.Put the part into the sleeve to connect the handle, and make the handle rotate in the sleeve to control the direction;

    3.Pedal non-slip sticker: In order to increase the beauty of the product, we offer two kinds of rubber non-slip sticker and ordinary sandblasting sticker for your choice.Rubber anti-slip adhesive tape is durable and easy to clean, keeping the vehicle clean at all times;Ordinary sandblasting anti-slip stickers can be made in a variety of colors, and exquisite patterns.

    4.This product folding system is fully optimized, faster, more convenient, safer and more space-saving.After folding can be carried, can be dragged or carried, convenient and flexible.

    D-MAX 7 (2)

    D-MAX 7 (2)

    ico  Application

    This product can exercise balance, lower limb strength, lung capacity. At the same time it can reduce traffic jams, save time and reduce air pollution, young men and women can increase communication opportunities and so on. Children using this product can enhance the children and parents, and other children's communication skills, to better adapt to the requirements of society.

    D-MAX 7 (2)

    ico  Advantage

    In recent years, with the aggravation of traffic congestion in big cities, the popularity of subway and the rise of the agent driving industry, the demand for short-distance transportation has grown rapidly, and the means of transportation has emerged at the historic moment. Scooter because of its light, flexible, labor-saving and easy to carry, both anti-theft performance.
    At present, the main consumer groups are mainly dominated by young people, which is one of our indoor several kilometers of transportation tools.
    1. The main structure of the D-MAX230S scooter: car pole, handle, front wheel, rear wheel, connection head, front and rear wheel axle, pedal brake. Main material: aluminum
    2. Scooter has anti-fission, anti-deformation, high and cold resistance, very wear resistance and other characteristics, strengthen the aluminum alloy support and base, not easy to break, scooter surface can have bright colors, can also be printed with all kinds of exquisite patterns. Scooter reliable body twist and forward, with twisting waist movement, can achieve a significant slimming effect, leg muscle lines will therefore become beautiful.
    3.Reasons for purchase: 1: small volume, light weight can be carried upstairs.2: Easy to ride, and you can change the route at any time.3: For indoor a few kilometers and campus surrounding is very convenient, 4: usually go out to play, easy to carry.5: Technology, so cool.

    D-MAX 7 (2)

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